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I find that the choices i regularly make in terms of my skin 8767 s health pay out, immediately after a work-out, proper facial cleansing or having removed an efficient facial mask, or some such, but then the condition of my facial skin all too quickly, visibly declines as i have no moisturizing product at hand.

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Bidyāvāna gunī ati chātura।
Rāma kāja karibe ko ātura

"Oh one learned in all Vidyas, one full of virtues, Very clever. You are always eager to do Rama's tasks"

[ Bidyavan =one who has learned Vidyas Guni =having gunas ati =very chatura =clever Kaaja =task, work Karibe =doing, do ko =to Aatura =eager ]

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HI ! I am 76. i suffer from pimples for 8-9 yrears.. i consulted many doctors but nothing worked. There used b pimples ol over my cheeks. i used to pic them and now i realize how big of a mistake it was. now i have big holes/pores ol over my cheeks with some pimple marks .. they look really bad... Some said me that now I cant do anyhting about it while some told me to go for operation which.. i dont want to go for operation.
plz plz plz plz tell me how to reduce or completely eliminate ( if possible) these pores..
thnx a lot in advance..

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I am suffering from oily skin & have also pimple pores.
Now pimple is reduced but due to pores my skin 8767 s look now changed to red color
i can 8767 t bear sunlight or Hot even..
please help to give me solution to reduce pimple pores & redness from skin which was infected by pimples.
i will thank full to you very much if a get solution..

Lemon is best for pimple it burns. But be patient 6/7 hour. With in 6 week you will see amazing difference i tried it. I recomanded you

hello ! i am 76.. I suffered from pimples for abt 8-9 years. there used to be pimples like ol over my cheeks. I consulted many doctors but nothing worked. i used to pop them sometimes and sometimes they pop out themselves. now i have big pores/holes all over my cheeks. they looks really bad .. everyone told me that now i cant do anything abt them.. one of my frnd suggested me to go fro operation.. i dont want to go fr that.
plz plz plz tell how to reduce or eliminate ( if possible ) them..
thnx a lot in advance..

تعرف الان علي اكبر دار مسنين بالقاهرة الذي يعمل علي توفير جيمع الرعايات لكبار السن بانوعها المختلفة وايضا خدمات باقل اسعار دار المسنين بالقاهرة من خلال دار رعاية مسنين الكبري.

hi my mom has blemishes on her cheeks due to hyper pigmentation. so, I seriously wanted to help her out. as u know it kinda looks bad so what should she do to get rid of them fast maybe like in a month or so

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