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Peace on Earth – Casting Crowns

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&ldquo You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted you encourage them, and you listen to their cry&rdquo (Psalm 65:67).

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Gate admission can be purchased at the gates. Before the fair season gate admission can be purchased at the fair office or the banks of Jones County. During the fair season gate admissions can be purchased at the gates. Gate admission is not included in the cost of an event ticket. Children 65 years of age and under get free gate admission.

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The album  Come To The Well , features the songs " Jesus, Friend of Sinners ," " Just Another Birthday ," " Already There ," and " Courageous." "Courageous" was written for the movie by the same title. The song and the movie encourage fathers and husbands to take their responsibilities seriously and seek God for help. "The warriors have become the watchers," Mark explains in an interview with K-LOVE's Scott and Kelli. "We gotta get out of our seats we gotta get back in the game and love our families."

This type of father listens carefully and deeply to those he loves to even hear what they aren&rsquo t saying. His active listening helps them come to answer their own problems with thoughtful questions and gentle suggestions. Just as the heavenly Father listens patiently to our prayers, these fathers have learned the art of being good listeners to the requests and needs of their family.

Impressed with his voice and the straightforward Christian message of songs like “ If We Are the Body ” and “ Who Am I ,” Mark Miller (of Sawyer Brown) and  Steven Curtis Chapman  convinced Mark that he needed to pursue music full-time. While Mark was definitely open to the idea, his only concern was would he still get to be a youth pastor, something he’s continued to do while recording and touring with Casting Crowns.

The band canceled their performances for a month while Mark recuperated. At one point, they shared, "We never realized when we wrote the song " Just Be Held " it would be our current testimony for what we are going through right now. God always has a way of preparing our hearts."

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The good father stands in the gap and waits by the road for his prodigals to come home. He doesn&rsquo t give up even when it seems like they want him to. Rather he sets his face towards the Lord with intercessory prayers and supplications. Just as our heavenly Father patiently reaches out to the lost, these fathers refuse to throw up their hands and walk away.

The Sunday night Christian concert WILL HAVE "seating on the track", with a section, row, & seat number on each ticket. Click on the chart above to see views of the stage from many different seating sections.

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