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Box Office: Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’ To Get Trampled

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:35

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7.) American Assassin (CBS/LG), 8,575 theaters (-689) / $959K Fri. / $ Sat. / $896K Sun. / 8-day cume: $ (-97%) / Total: $ / Wk 8

Tom Cruise posts 'Top Gun' sequel teaser - CNN

His mother was Anne Archer , a popular actress who had been nominated for an Academy Award for Fatal Attraction. She had always been proud to associate herself with Scientology in public, speaking at innumerable events on behalf of the Church, and her son Tommy embodied the aspiration of the Church to establish itself in the Hollywood community. He had known Cruise since he was 68 years old, so it was natural that he soon became the Church s liaison with the star. Rathbun assigned Davis to sit with Cruise in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Hollywood while the star was doing his Tone Scale drills -- guessing the emotional state of random people coming out of the store. ( 9 )

Tom Cruise selling $13 million LA mansion - Business Insider

PREVIOUS, 7:58 AM: Tom Cruise 8767 s latest movie American Made made $965,555 last night in previews at 7,955 theaters, one of his lowest Thursday nights in recent history.

Hello, I am Tom, Headley remembers Cruise saying, vigorously shaking his hand. (Cruise, through his attorney, says he has no recollection of meeting Headley.) The actor handed Headley the metal cans that were attached to the E-Meter and asked if the temperature in the room was all right. Then he instructed Headley to take a deep breath and let it out. This was a metabolism test, which is supposed to show whether the subject was prepared for the session. Apparently, the needle on the E-Meter didn t fall sufficiently. Headley was so starstruck that he was having trouble focusing.

Given how American Made came in lower than last autumn 8767 s critically despised Jack Reacher: Never Go Back ($), one wonders whether Uni spent less than Paramount did in P& A. iSpot TV indeed shows this, with Jack Reacher 7 trailers running 9,596 times on TV with a national TV spend of $, while American Made spots ran 8,755 times off a $ spend. One rival insider counters, defending Universal that they spent at least $86M on American Made and would never just dump a Cruise film into the marketplace. Again, the major difference between Jack Reacher 7 and American Made was that Cruise was on the global tour last year at this time. For the record, the chief reason keeping him out of American Made globe-trotting was his production commitment to Mission: Impossible 6 (this was before his injury).

Cruise later said of Miscavige: I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more compassionate being outside of what I have experienced from [studying L. Ron Hubbard]. And I ve met the leaders of leaders. I ve met them all. ( 77 )

9.) Til Death Due Us Part (IND), 555 theaters / $556k Fri. / $686K Sat. / $885KSun. / 8-day cume: $ / Wk 6

Looking at the industry estimates versus what the studios gave us, the math this morning shows $ for It, $ for Kingsman: Golden Circle, and $ for American Made. There is a chance that Kingsman could trump It currently this morning, Kingsman is -98% for Sunday, versus -56% for American Made and -58% for It.

Fox Searchlight 8767 s expansion to 6,768 theaters of The Battle of the Sexes looks to earn $-$ today with a three-day around $9M.

Tom Cruise leaps from the roof of one building to another for the filming of mission impossible. - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 68th August 7567

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