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6Strange Character Traits Common To All Cops - The Salty

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Twenty-five years OTJ and retired for eleven. I have experienced most of this personally but found a way to limit it. Though for most of us it requires seeing it in yourself early enough to make a personal decision. Limit your immersion into the “cop lifestyle” and culture.

Keys to Success: 6 Traits the Most Successful People Have

Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wishes : Hit Movie Composer, Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
I found the lifetime wishes associated with this trait very appropriate. Hopeless romantics make great partners in the Sims 8. They are great at romantic actions, and enjoy being around those they love. This is yet another great trait for a solid Heartbreaker Sim.

Assassination Rogue PvP Guide (Legion ) - World of

The K–7 rubric supports teachers and students as they are starting to write, creating classroom writing processes, building a common vocabulary, and establishing a vision for good writing. The 8–67 rubric is often used in late second or third grades and into higher grade levels.

Loves to Swim
Lifetime Wishes : Deep Sea Diver
Sims with the Loves to Swim Trait are naturals in the water and enjoy swimming enough to get a +65 Wonderful Water moodlet while doing so, and get less tired while swimming. This trait also increases skill gains in the Diving skill which is a huge time saver because of how long it takes to gain the upper levels in that skill.

Lifetime Wishes : Illustrious Author, Professional Author
This is a bread and butter trait for making a great Author, as the lifetime wishes associated with it imply. Since writers need to spend most of the day behind the computer, they can do so alone in the bedroom (or just at home if they''re single) and get an Enjoying Solitude moodlet at a whopping +65 to mood. Additionally, they can get by without socializing as often because it''s just not as strong a need for loners.

The Human racial bonus ( Every Man for Himself ) is a great way to get out of stuns. This helps with survivability and when kiting away from players.

Lifetime Wishes : Firefighter Super Hero, International Super Spy, Become an Astronaut, Great Explorer, Physical Perfection
Brave is an interesting trait for Sims to take. If you''ve ever had a fire, and watched how crazy Sims act, or lost your Sim''s stuff to a burglar, you should be able to appreciate brave. They''ll do better fighting fires and kicking burglar butt.

Lifetime Wishes : Grand Explorer
Sailor Sims will get a +65 Sailin'' moodlet while on a boat. Houseboats don''t seem to count for this, unfortunately, or you could have a boost the entire time you''re at home. Sims conceived on a boat have a good chance of being born with this trait. Sailors don''t get seasick like other Sims. Catch rates for the Fishing skill are higher while on a boat. If you want to fish from a houseboat, be sure to leave some free space beside the fishing spot or it will be inaccessible to your Sim.

Free Voluntary Re.
Stephen D. Krashe.

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Building Student.
Steve Gardiner

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Talent is Overrat.
Geoff Colvin

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Lifetime Wishes : none
Nasty things can happen to unlucky Sims, but the Reaper will never kill them. Taking this trait is like having a permenant death flower in their inventory. No matter how many times I deliberately killed my Sim, the reaper would never take them. This leaves the only way they can actually perish -- old age. Sometimes when they wake up they''ll get a feeling unlucky moodlet that causes a minor (-5) hit to mood.

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