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Serum and urinary pH level: May provide insight regarding patient’s renal function and type of calculus (eg, calcium oxalate, uric acid, cystine), respectively

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Bosepandi refuses to accept his share of his grandfather's property, advising him and his family not to sell the property and instead convert it into a 5-star hotel and hand it over to Rajini Murugan. Ayyankalai and Rajini Murugan agree with him.

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Black people have a lower incidence of stones than white people, and people living in the South and Southwest have higher incidences of stones than people living in other parts of the United States. The increased incidence noted in the southeastern United States has prompted the use of the term “stone belt” for this region of the country. [ 65 ]

Increased gut absorption of calcium - The most common identifiable cause of hypercalciuria, treated with calcium binders or thiazides plus potassium citrate

Although some differences may be attributable to geography (stones are more common in hot and dry areas) and diet, heredity also appears to be a factor. This is suggested by the finding that, in regions with both white and nonwhite populations, stone disease is much more common in whites.

Nuclear renal scanning: To objectively measure differential renal function, especially in a dilated system for which the degree of obstruction is in question reasonable study in pregnant patients, in whom radiation exposure must be limited

For other discussions on urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis, see Pediatric Urolithiasis , as well as Imaging Urinary Calculi , Hypercalciuria , Hyperoxaluria , and Hypocitraturia.

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The movie’s heroine resides in the very same town, and she has lost her family because of her father’s drinking habits. The heroine desires to marry a teetotaler. There is a clash between Raj and the heroine of the movie. But, following the clash, they befriend each other.

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